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Hopefully tonight my girlfriend kendall can come over my house. My parents are away at the shore so we have the house to ourselves. I wanna clean up the house for her. Maybe take her to out to dinner. Or take her to get ice cream🍦! We also alway said since I couldn’t take her to prom that we would have prom in my room👯. So hopefully I get to dance with her eeeeps🙊 she will be sore from practice so I will give her ice and massage her where she hurts💆. We can make a blanket fort in my living room and stay up all night. I bought mario kart to play because she loves that game🎮 whatever she wants to do I’ll do😊 hopefully her schedule works out so she can come hang out with me.

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    By far one of the best nights with youuuuu😍 so hard saying goodbye but I know I’ll see you soon!! I can’t be any more...
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    Thank you how-free-do-you-feel and letsraisehel 😊 praying for the best!
  6. letsraisehel said: aw this is really so cute I really hope it works out!
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